Black Label is the bridge that combines a solid tradition with the developments of the future
The eyes are the mirror of the soul and for us at De Rosa the bicycle is a reflection of the rider. It’s like a story or to say it in a way that brings us back to our school years when the teacher asked us to write a story the theme of which was “Describe yourself”.
The thought I revert to quite often, even after being in the cycling industry for so many years, is that the bike is the only mode of transportation that ways significantly less than those who enjoy it. Isn’t this charming as well as ironic? Does it not leave you with the same sense of infinity and at the same loss that you experience in the face of an infinite horizon? Personally, I feel this effect, and from this feeling comes the intimate and almost secret relationship between man and machine. This is a necessary alchemy and an understanding that presupposes perfection. It was this feeling and very concise description in words which gave rise to our Black Label program, the project that celebrates our first 60 years and which guarantees each individual participant a custom made bicycle.
A custom made De Rosa under the Black Label program offers a completely creative process with choices of material and individually specified details which require study , analysis, quality, craftsmanship, care, experience, and a commitment to excellence. We devote and invest ourselves in the project and here is the difference: each of our craftsman take the time to add their personal touches so that each finished product is completely unique.
Black Label is a program in which we are investing energy and commitment to propose exclusive elements in order for the unique personality of the cyclist is impressed, both in design – therefore in form and in aesthetics – and technology. It forces us to look beyond what is available now, into the endless land of the future so that we may meet your needs and exceed your expectation. Everything stems from our being Italian and knowing how to create the profound and all-encompassing beauty the world describes as “Made in Italy”.
To go back to the beginning and my original thought, to initiate the birth and then nurture the growth of a bicycle that has its own unique soul.

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