Started in 1953 by the draftsman Ugo De Rosa, De Rosa is one of the most well-known and appreciated bike brands in the world. A family-owned and operated company with a passion for artisanal production methods and innovation and a love for beauty and design.  De Rosa continue to build every model by hand - aluminium, steel, titanium and carbon fibre.

For over 60 years De Rosa has pushed the boundaries of road racing technology and sophistication. The company's continuous drive to research, develop, and adopt avant-garde solutions has made De Rosa bicycles one of the premier choices for professional cyclists and bike enthusiasts alike. 

Ugo De Rosa – Master frame builder 

As a young boy Ugo De Rosa developed a passion for bicycle racing and advanced through several ranks at the amateur levels. In technical school he completed studies in mechanics and engineering and became interested in the science of the bicycle itself.  

Ugo De Rosa’s first job was in the workshop of his Uncle where he built and repaired bikes. Ugo opened his first shop and commenced the manufacture of racing bikes in 1953. With his experience in racing, he understood what it took to build a true racing bicycle and his reputation began to spread among the amateur racers in Milan.

De Rosa in the Peleton

In 1958 he was asked by the famous cyclist Raphael Geminiani to build him a bike for the upcoming Giro d’Italia. Following on from this initial interest, De Rosa bikes became a fixture in the professional peloton of the 1960s. 

In 1969, Ugo De Rosa was approached by Gianni Motta, to become his frame builder and mechanic. De Rosa accepted and became the bicycle supplier to Motta and his team. In 1973 De Rosa became the official frame builder and mechanic for Eddy Merckx and the Molteni team. Merckx and his teammates won nearly all the major European races on De Rosa during this time, including the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, Milan – San Remo and the World Championship. The partnership with Molteni remained in effect until Merckx’s retirement in 1978.

Three generations working in unison

Ugo’s three sons, Danilo, Doriano and Cristiano inherited their father’s passion for the bicycle and became a part of the family business in the late 70s. Danilo and Doraino followed their father’s craftsman footsteps closely. Danilo became responsible for the drawing up and design of all aluminium and carbon bikes, down to the last detail. Doriano’s speciality was titanium. Cristiano took over the commercial side of the business and is now the CEO and public face of De Rosa. Nicholas De Rosa, the oldest son in the third generation of bicycle builders, carries on the De Rosa legacy and tradition. He is recognised as one of the youngest frame builders in the world.

Research, studies & tests

History has taught us that nothing can be left to chance. At our level we cannot allow ourselves to put a foot wrong, De Rosa has an enormous company heritage to safeguard. We must offer our customers quality, safety and the guarantee of maximum reliability. For this reason, before going into production, every frame model is planned thoroughly right down to the finest detail, studying the reactions with special laboratory tests, some of which are performed directly in the factory, others in university facilities. Static and dynamic tests which are followed by countless tests directly on the road, carried out both by experienced professional racers and by amateurs, people with “explosive” legs, valid testers who are able to put a racing bike through its paces like few others can. Production starts only when the results exceed the parameters of resistance, safety and duration.

"Nothing extraordinary is ever born by a formula but by imagining what is not there and do it"  - Ugo De Rosa