De Rosa Settanta Red Matt

De Rosa Settanta Red Matt

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70 years, one heart.

De Rosa's heart has won a thousand battles, conquering the toughest climbs, cutting through the wind and against the clock, sprinting for ambitious milestones. Every work experienced, every detail of his own creatures cared for, every material tested. In the selection and modelling of works of art and Italian craftsmanship. An evolution that has been running endlessly for 70 years with dreamers all over the world.

Lightness and technology, without compromise.

Pure stiffness, superior performance.

Aerodynamics, fast by tradition.

The high-modulus carbon is smoothly and progressively distributed throughout the frame. From the 12K view of the carriage and its defined texture, moving on to the 1K that fades unidirectionally over the body of the frame, in its entirety. Technically, reduced weight and an unprecedented optical effect. Stiffness is what has always characterised the bikes of the heart.

Now let's close our eyes and gently touch the entire surface of the frame with one finger.

It is the De Rosa bike that holds them all, it encapsulates every single drop of passion poured out by Ugo and the entire De Rosa family, for all those who live a bike of the heart every day. "I've never ridden a bike like that." "We are proud that De Rosa has decided to collaborate with us on the design of the icon to celebrate 70 years since its foundation," says Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. "The Settanta is an expression of all the values that have always distinguished our collaboration: iconism, aesthetic excellence and unrivalled performance. We are proud to stand beside our partner on this anniversary with a jewel of design and technology."