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De Rosa SK Pininfarina is a project launched in 2016 from two Italian icons that have marked the story of Italian cycling and design: De Rosa and Pininfarina.
In 2015, the first model of SK Pininfarina gave life to a top-of-the-range racing bike, able to express the essence that have guided the activity of the two companies since always. 
De Rosa Pininfarina SK is the quintessence of the two companies’ values: sportiveness defined by elegant lines, aerodynamism, lightness and speed.
After 4 years, the two companies collaborate again to release the New SK
Pininfarina, modern and elegant that – as the previous one – aims to be the point of reference for the aerodynamic and fast bikes in the international cycling scenery.
The second generation Pininfarina SK is a aerodynamic bike by De Rosa.
With the Carbon frame available in 8 sizes, the new Pininfarina SK looks like the previous model but is conceptually different in its content.

Innovation in the new SK Pininfarina see a more aerodynamic design, flat horizontal tube, seat tube with wing reduced by 20% and greater performance.
De Rosa undertook a series of frame modification, so as to make it the most performative among the De Rosa line. The new SK Pininfarina has a frame with flat top tube that has been reduced and made flatter if compared with the previous one. The seat tube has been slightly resized for what concerns the “fin”, reduced by the 20%. The robust rear seat stay allows the bike to be performative and fast.
Entirely integrated wiring:
The entirely integrated wiring inside the steering tube and the redesigned fork guarantee the greatest air penetration that is transformed into a better  performing bike.
Aerodynamism but lightness, as well. The polished frame of the new SK Pininfarina weights 950 gr in a medium size.
For who?
For speed lovers that demand a fast bike, responsive and performative. To cyclists who love design and the neat lines, greatest expression of the Italian design that matches the story of De Rosa, the hand of Pininfarina and the technology perfected in the wind tunnel.